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Welcome to Abide

Definitio of Abide
Old English Word Signifying progressively to "Await", "Remain", "Lodge", "Sojourn", "Dwell", "Continue", "Endure"
Decorative Paint Sroke

Here at Abide Content Studio, we create custom social media content that tells your story in a visual way. We create the content you need to build your brand, attract new followers, and add value to your current audience so they dwell on your page a little longer and return for more. Each package is focused on creating a cohesive theme and optimizing your social media account, and includes a 30 minute planning session to

determine your specific content needs.

All of our packages come complete with the tools you need for a successful social campaign. We've outlined these standards below so you know exactly what to expect.

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30 Minute Planning Session

No 2 companies are the same, so why should their marketing or social content? We'll connect to understand your vision and put together a plan to make the content as effective as can be.

Custom Posts for Instagram & Facebook

Not pre-canned, not the same recycled articles, no. We create unique, attractive, and effective content to help you grow your business' presence of social media.

Engaging Captions For Each Post

Hate the routine of thinking of captions for your posts? Trying to figure out what hashtags will be the most effective for you to reach and grow your audience? Along with the actual content we write the caption, all you have to do is copy and paste.

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