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Benaiah Studios is a multi-channel marketing company geared for small to medium sized companies of any vertical. We specialize in helping businesses build their brand through content creation. From real estate photography and social content to training and promotional videos. We serve Realtors, Staffing Agencies, YouTubers, Restaurants, and small businesses of all sorts, and look forward to helping you build your brand as well.


Tom Lord

Benaiah Studios Founder

Tom is a former Fire Fighter and Actor. At Neuqua Valley High School (Naperville) he took 3 years of broadcast journalism classes where he learned about camera equipment, framing different angles, content creation, video production, and editing. This passion only grew as he began working on different side projects for fun.

When he's not working, reading, flying his drone, or networking, he's happily spending time with his growing family. He considers himself to be truly blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive wife and adorable kids. He thanks God for every bit of grace and success that he's been granted.


I thrive on meeting new people and helping others overcome challenges. How can we help each other? Let's connect!


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