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Abide is the social media content arm of Benaiah Studios. Filling a major void for a lot of companies, youtubers, and even independent realtors in their social media game. Abide takes the pain out of content planning, whips it up into a 3 course meal and hands it to you on a silver platter. We make the content, write out what the post should contain, include hashtags all you have to do is follow the posting schedule. 


Katie Lord

Abide Content Studio Founder

Katie is a Registered Nurse currently working for a large private pulmonology practice. With top honors in various artistic avenues through her time at Elgin High School, Augustana College, and Aurora University, Katie developed a natural feel for content and design.

Katie has a knack for finding the right tones and amplifying those positive qualities to produce the best possible content to fit your companies voice.


I thrive on meeting new people and helping others overcome challenges. How can we help each other? Let's connect!


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