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A Family Affair

"Our family is just like yours, we're full of love and constantly striving to be better today than we were yesterday. Our kids are a constant reminder of how blessed we really are, and we're not blind to that. 

We want to be an example to our kids, to show them how to work hard and win. I think that's important so you can choose Benaiah Studios with peace of mind because our winning is contingent on your winning. 

We're here to serve all of your marketing needs, we can't wait to work with you and win together."

-Tom Lord


Katie Lord

Abide Content Studio Founder

Katie is a Registered Nurse currently working for a large private pulmonology practice. With top honors in various artistic avenues through her time at Elgin High School, Augustana College, and Aurora University, Katie developed a natural feel for content and design.

Katie has a knack for finding the right tones and amplifying those positive qualities to produce the best possible content to fit your companies voice.

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