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BALANCED BLADES – Designed by knife expert Ken Onion, these knives are made with premium, forged stainless steel for effortless cutting, chopping and dicing.


A cut above the rest

Exclusively designed by knife expert Ken Onion, this 5-piece knife set is made of premium forged stainless steel. Ergonomic grip and balanced blades make cutting, chopping, and dicing more comfortable, safe, and slip-resistant.


  • Premium forged, German stainless steel blade – combines strength with balance.
  • The spine (top edge of the blade) is curved to improve overall balance.
  • Ergonomic slip-resistant grip.


5-piece set includes:


  • Chef’s Knife – 9-in. blade
  • Santoku – 7-in. blade, hollow ground edge (grantons)
  • Slicer – 8-in. blade
  • Petty Knife – 5-in. blade
  • Paring Knife – 4-in. blade
  • Storage Tray – 15 ½-in. L x 7 ½-in. W x 3-in. H



Do not use the knives as prying devices (removing lids or bottle caps). Do not use the knives to cut frozen foods or bones. Do not use the knives to cut on hard surfaces such as glass, metal, granite, tile or hard plastic. Do not put the knives in direct contact with flames. Keep knives out of reach of children.

iCook Knife Set

SKU: 102709E
  • Our affiliate sponsor offers a 6 month money back guarantee

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