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Virtual Property Tours: The New Norm In Real Estate Listings

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, technology has been a steadfast ally, continually reshaping how properties are marketed and sold. One innovation that has recently gained significant traction is the virtual property tour. Particularly in bustling markets like Naperville, IL, these tours have become an invaluable asset for both realtors and prospective buyers. But not all virtual tours are created equal. Today, we delve into the two primary types of virtual property tours: 3D Model Pictures and Video Walkthroughs.

The Advent of Virtual Property Tours

Virtual property tours have been around for a while, but their importance has been magnified in recent years, thanks in part to technological advancements and shifts in consumer behavior. According to a JLL report, websites featuring virtual tours see five to ten times more engagement than those without. This extended interaction provides a greater opportunity for sales or leases, especially when potential buyers are considering multiple properties.

3D Rendered Real Estate Photography

The Two Titans: 3D Model Pictures vs. Video Walkthroughs

3D Model Pictures

3D Model Pictures offer an interactive experience, allowing users to navigate through a property at their own pace. These tours provide a 360-degree view of each room, giving potential buyers a comprehensive understanding of the property's layout and features.


  • Detailed Exploration: Viewers can zoom in on specific areas, offering a detailed look at finishes, fixtures, and other elements.

  • User-Controlled: The self-guided nature allows potential buyers to focus on areas of interest.

  • Virtual Measurements: Some advanced 3D models offer measurement tools, allowing buyers to gauge if their furniture will fit in the space.

Video Walkthroughs

Unlike 3D Model Pictures, Video Walkthroughs are pre-recorded videos that guide viewers through a property. These videos are often set to music and showcase the flow of the home, highlighting unique or desirable features.


  • Emotional Connection: The music and flow of the video can evoke an emotional response, making the property more memorable.

  • Showcases Property Flow: The video format naturally guides viewers through the property, providing a sense of how each space connects to the next.

  • Highlights Unique Features: Whether it's a beautiful garden, a cozy reading nook, or a state-of-the-art kitchen, video walkthroughs can emphasize what makes a property special.

The Naperville Lens

In a diverse real estate market like Naperville, both types of virtual tours offer distinct advantages. 3D Model Pictures can be particularly useful for the area's historic homes, allowing potential buyers to explore intricate details. On the other hand, Video Walkthroughs can capture the modern elegance of new developments, providing a cinematic experience that static images can't offer.

According to PhotoUp, 67% of homebuyers prefer listings with virtual tours. In a competitive market like Naperville, offering both types of virtual tours can cater to a broader range of buyer preferences.

The Road Forward

Virtual property tours are not a fleeting trend; they are the future of real estate marketing. As technology continues to evolve, these tours will only become more immersive and interactive. For realtors and sellers in markets like Naperville, embracing this technology is not just advisable; it's essential.

Charles Greggory is a dedicated writer for the Benaiah Studios Blog. Benaiah Studios is a boutique marketing firm specializing in serving small to mid-size companies in the Naperville area and beyond. If you're seeking expert guidance on your marketing needs, reach out to Benaiah Studios for a personalized consultation.

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